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Thursday, September 30, 2004


Do you want to make it a crime to hunt Bears with bait, dogs, or trap, except to protect property, public safety or research? Thats the question Maine voters will have the chance to answer! Posted by Hello


Question 2 Bears or Beers?

In Maine there is a referendum called question 2. Which would allow the industry of bear baiting to stop certain practices. What are these practice and why do they want to stop them will those are the questions I just had answered in a pretty honest and open way. The no on 2 people are saying from recently collected data that the business of catching and hunting bears is a 62million$$ industry and employs around 600 people in the state of Maine and most of the industry is in Aroostock county. They say that they attract mostly of their business from adamant hunters from around the globe that find it one of the most exciting places to hunt in the world. And by eliminating these certain practices it would damage the economy in these rural areas. I found that most of these people are guides in the industry are small business owners that operate in a personal service for people all over the world. On their website they say that they believe that the voters will reject the agenda of the Radical animal right activists.

On the yes on 2 side they believe that the practices are in humane the practice they want to make a crime are hunting by trap, bait or dog. They call them in humane and I guess through my information legislators the yes on 2 believe stonewalled attempts to out law the practices. Therefore people the lobbied for the legislative piece got together and hit the streets and collected signatures to get the referendum up on the ballot next month. They also say that the hunting community believe these practices are unskilled and indolent. Their is also the feeling that it is not needed to keep bear population intact. They say the industry is only 12million$$ and about 500 bears are caught using these methods. On the website the question appears as Do you want to make it a crime to hunt bears with bait, traps ,or dogs, except to protect property, public safety or research? With this in mind it doesn't sound like that big of a deal. They also claim it hasn't been a major contributor until the 1970's. So they also look at it as we went this long without why not get rid of it. They also say Maine is the only state which allows all three of these practices and believes you should vote yes on 2 because of the inhumanities and lack of respect.

With the vote about a month a way this is a question that is picking up heat across the country. Considering 80% of all hunters that hunt for bear in Maine come outside the state. The feeling from me this is going to get Ugly and will definitely be one of the questions I am going to ask on Nov. 2. When I am at the polls and until then we won't know how it turns out!


How do you feel on question 2? Posted by Hello


Tonights the night or is it? Posted by Hello


Tonight On Thursday night fights Kerry vs. Bush

Fuzzy math,their he goes again with his fuzzy math, You talk more out both sides of your mouth than the Budweiser frogs, I don't know how you can talk about Medicare with about being in a confessional, these are just some of the types of zingers that we can except from the candidates tonight. Maybe not it depends on how far out of the "rules" they want to go. Hope fully it will look like the above image and hopefully they will let it go and get real. Bottom line can Bush get the confidence and get the people to believe that there is no other choice besides him. For Kerry can he get the people to see that he stands for something and he can get us through this more efficiently. And will the people turn on and watch or will they not?

Wednesday, September 29, 2004


War monger I think not! I was always a cowboys and indians man! Posted by Hello


Blair Tony, John Kerry's Brother

Last night I was watching C-span and I had the opportunity to see a recent British Labour party conference and of course it was Tony Blair heading the parties conference. At the beginning when Mr. Blair took center stage as with most conferences they gave him a nice applause and by no coincidence there were of course protesters but the one that was most radical waited for Mr. Blair to get about two minutes into his speech and wisely timed attack. The most funny thing about this ordeal was what Tony Blair said he said thank you sir just thank us that you live in a democracy were you get the right to protest. Something along those lines me myself it showed me that Mr. Blair is indeed a witty man and has the ability to think on his own.

Back in the end of July John Kerry at the DNC coined many phrase and use them timely during his speech as well as John Edwards. Now the two most popular phrase were America can do better and hope is on the way. I believe Mr. Blair has been taking public speech course from kerry and Edwards. Even though the tieing in of phrase is not something either candidate started but Tony Blair while giving his speech at the labour party conference tied in the phrase, Who did it? The people of Britain did it. Because they voted for change! After boasting the economy social and political growth of his party. The similarities in timing and content by Blair to Kerry's DNC speech was remarkable in the same way Kerry would tie in America can do better and hope is on the way to his speech while talking about GWB shortcomings. It was something I picked up on immediately. I think anyone half seeking political events would have as well. So is Blair starting to believe that he should be more like the dems and get away from GWB. So he can get reelected. It makes you wonder obviously the rest of the world approves of John F Kerry more than GWB. And maybe Blair is starting to turn on his friend because of Iraq or maybe his just saving his ass!

I will be audio blogging soon from different political and non political events look forward on listing to me on NOV 2 at the polls asking the questions!

Tuesday, September 28, 2004


Only fools rush fall and splat.................

It seems to me that our country is falling in to another downward spiral. The Dow is going to go back down below 10,000 and I believe stay their for a while. Especially if GWB does well at the debates! Why is that? Why is it that all republicans are convinced that Iraq had something to do with war on terror and that they are being manipulated by the system that this administration has established it is going to take John Kerry his first term just to clean up all the half truths and deceptive policies that this administration has established. Hey I am not a hater of all. But you have to be a fool to believe that they were not waiting around with all these shelved ideas. And what's up with all denial. Someone from 12step program should tell Georgey poo that denial is not a river in Egypt! And who is the real flip flopper? Oh when I got out of that 10 million dollar fighter jet I was saying good job. As my greatgrandmother would say hogwash what a farce He was trying to exclamation his quick and easy war and it blew up in his face like Peter North! And not the general! So get out of the closet and wake up and smell the coffins and most of all take the cotton out of your ears and put it in your mouth!

Monday, September 27, 2004


Debates race, too late or who can close the gate?

As the debates close in on us all. I have recently had the opportunity to go back in see some of both candidates debates. The mainstream media has called this a showdown sorts were someone's O must go where neither candidate has lost a debate. Well, their are many speculation on that truth and I will talk to you about the things I've perceived and the all around predictions and demands of both candidates.

First off the idea that GWB has never lost a debate I assume it has to do with expectations of himself and his people or I should say his base. GWB debate for the office of Gov. Had GWB telling the mediator and the audience that he hasn't had a lot of experience in office because the first time he ran for a state office he got his butt kicked. GWB has the ability and loves to use zinggers. Against Al gore he used the phrase Fuzzy math several times. Now John Kerry in has been debating for office runs since the late 70's. In 1996 he had a couple of failed attempts vs William weld in debate when Kerry try to make a joke about Mr. Weld. Now the question is what needs to happen for Kerry to make a comeback or Bush to close the gate?

Mistake for John Kerry I believe was back at the DNC he should have called Bush out when he got the nomination. When his advisors told him to vote on that war because if he didn't he would look like a fool he should have had a gut check. Now even though it has already taken place and we are now in this mess Kerry I believe could have called GWB out on his mistake and said That he made a mistake for voting for the war and GWB lets be honest with the people and admit yours. Perhaps if he does this now it might be too late and he will look like a flip flopper, but he I believe needs to make GWB corner himself into a lye. At these debates if the candidates get brutal and throw the rules out the window could have a phenomenal effect on the out come of the election especially for Kerry if he can establish a few set ideas to instill in Americans minds until voting day. First off I believe Kerry has to establish a firm stance on the economy security and the future of America here in the us and the world. Second he needs to let GWB to run into a wall and when he does so he needs to exploit that especially about Iraq and the war on terror. And get Bush to sound that he made a mistake without him apologizing for it and that Iraq had nothing to do with terrorism before this war. Also believe that the reason GWB agree to these debates is to get himself in front of the people to just be seen therefore the people remember what he did for America after 9/11. If GWB can just somewhat inch a v out of these debates he might shut the gate and go over the top on Nov.2. I believe that if Kerry hurts the president in the first debate and can inch out a second close call V on #2 don't be surprised if their isn't a #3. GWB plays the role of standing firm and zings Kerry and Kerry doesn't have a rebuttal then Kerry might be in for a long night. The tide can change at any point and remember that both camps are desperate for votes so it might be one of the most exciting debates of all time.

Sunday, September 26, 2004


Pollsters and You!

Polls bi - partsian or just buy $$$$$$$$$?

Being this is my first blog I wanted to first welcome everyone that has the privilege to take this journey with me! Also would like to start off with something a little controversial and get you to ask your self a few questions. Should I pay attention to what's is shown to me? Not, only that if I chose to watch or listen or read certain information political, environmenta,l or even artistically should I take it for the truth or take it as is or even with a grain of salt?

The subject I am going to talk about now is polls and their accuracy and their source of information. As some people know polls are done by a few ways for a bunch of different things like presidential elections and local elections in my town and any place in America and out of America. The some what little known fact is who are these people and who accurate are they. We definitely ask that question when the point of view we want to achieve doesn't work out! And then we pray that's accurate when it does. Then we hope those pollsters are right a voting day! What is little known is the questions, the pollsters themselves and the people they poll. The difference in a word can make a huge difference on a pollie answer. For example if I ask you that if you Want to increase taxes? You'd probably say NO. But if I ask you if you wanted to increase taxes for education? You might considerate it. Therefore getting the an answer that might be favorable to whom is wanting me to poll. And the sad thing is some people might vote of just that poll. Now the other is who do they call to get those answers it not as random as you think. They I know for a fact don't poll just anyone of course you have to registered and if it's your first time voting chances are you are not going to get called. Even that sad they touch on such a small # of people you or I probably wouldn't get called anyways. And since is it right for a few to make a decision for us All? I mean the latest gallop didn't call me or probably even you to potental declare a man a winner in a election that even hasn't taken place yet? So what should you do when you see that next poll its really up to you but ask yourself the question did I get ask to take part in this poll?

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