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Wednesday, September 29, 2004


Blair Tony, John Kerry's Brother

Last night I was watching C-span and I had the opportunity to see a recent British Labour party conference and of course it was Tony Blair heading the parties conference. At the beginning when Mr. Blair took center stage as with most conferences they gave him a nice applause and by no coincidence there were of course protesters but the one that was most radical waited for Mr. Blair to get about two minutes into his speech and wisely timed attack. The most funny thing about this ordeal was what Tony Blair said he said thank you sir just thank us that you live in a democracy were you get the right to protest. Something along those lines me myself it showed me that Mr. Blair is indeed a witty man and has the ability to think on his own.

Back in the end of July John Kerry at the DNC coined many phrase and use them timely during his speech as well as John Edwards. Now the two most popular phrase were America can do better and hope is on the way. I believe Mr. Blair has been taking public speech course from kerry and Edwards. Even though the tieing in of phrase is not something either candidate started but Tony Blair while giving his speech at the labour party conference tied in the phrase, Who did it? The people of Britain did it. Because they voted for change! After boasting the economy social and political growth of his party. The similarities in timing and content by Blair to Kerry's DNC speech was remarkable in the same way Kerry would tie in America can do better and hope is on the way to his speech while talking about GWB shortcomings. It was something I picked up on immediately. I think anyone half seeking political events would have as well. So is Blair starting to believe that he should be more like the dems and get away from GWB. So he can get reelected. It makes you wonder obviously the rest of the world approves of John F Kerry more than GWB. And maybe Blair is starting to turn on his friend because of Iraq or maybe his just saving his ass!

I will be audio blogging soon from different political and non political events look forward on listing to me on NOV 2 at the polls asking the questions!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

At least this is as left as I thought. Blair is just a follower!

September 30, 2004 at 8:01 AM


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