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Monday, September 27, 2004


Debates race, too late or who can close the gate?

As the debates close in on us all. I have recently had the opportunity to go back in see some of both candidates debates. The mainstream media has called this a showdown sorts were someone's O must go where neither candidate has lost a debate. Well, their are many speculation on that truth and I will talk to you about the things I've perceived and the all around predictions and demands of both candidates.

First off the idea that GWB has never lost a debate I assume it has to do with expectations of himself and his people or I should say his base. GWB debate for the office of Gov. Had GWB telling the mediator and the audience that he hasn't had a lot of experience in office because the first time he ran for a state office he got his butt kicked. GWB has the ability and loves to use zinggers. Against Al gore he used the phrase Fuzzy math several times. Now John Kerry in has been debating for office runs since the late 70's. In 1996 he had a couple of failed attempts vs William weld in debate when Kerry try to make a joke about Mr. Weld. Now the question is what needs to happen for Kerry to make a comeback or Bush to close the gate?

Mistake for John Kerry I believe was back at the DNC he should have called Bush out when he got the nomination. When his advisors told him to vote on that war because if he didn't he would look like a fool he should have had a gut check. Now even though it has already taken place and we are now in this mess Kerry I believe could have called GWB out on his mistake and said That he made a mistake for voting for the war and GWB lets be honest with the people and admit yours. Perhaps if he does this now it might be too late and he will look like a flip flopper, but he I believe needs to make GWB corner himself into a lye. At these debates if the candidates get brutal and throw the rules out the window could have a phenomenal effect on the out come of the election especially for Kerry if he can establish a few set ideas to instill in Americans minds until voting day. First off I believe Kerry has to establish a firm stance on the economy security and the future of America here in the us and the world. Second he needs to let GWB to run into a wall and when he does so he needs to exploit that especially about Iraq and the war on terror. And get Bush to sound that he made a mistake without him apologizing for it and that Iraq had nothing to do with terrorism before this war. Also believe that the reason GWB agree to these debates is to get himself in front of the people to just be seen therefore the people remember what he did for America after 9/11. If GWB can just somewhat inch a v out of these debates he might shut the gate and go over the top on Nov.2. I believe that if Kerry hurts the president in the first debate and can inch out a second close call V on #2 don't be surprised if their isn't a #3. GWB plays the role of standing firm and zings Kerry and Kerry doesn't have a rebuttal then Kerry might be in for a long night. The tide can change at any point and remember that both camps are desperate for votes so it might be one of the most exciting debates of all time.


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