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Thursday, September 30, 2004


Question 2 Bears or Beers?

In Maine there is a referendum called question 2. Which would allow the industry of bear baiting to stop certain practices. What are these practice and why do they want to stop them will those are the questions I just had answered in a pretty honest and open way. The no on 2 people are saying from recently collected data that the business of catching and hunting bears is a 62million$$ industry and employs around 600 people in the state of Maine and most of the industry is in Aroostock county. They say that they attract mostly of their business from adamant hunters from around the globe that find it one of the most exciting places to hunt in the world. And by eliminating these certain practices it would damage the economy in these rural areas. I found that most of these people are guides in the industry are small business owners that operate in a personal service for people all over the world. On their website they say that they believe that the voters will reject the agenda of the Radical animal right activists.

On the yes on 2 side they believe that the practices are in humane the practice they want to make a crime are hunting by trap, bait or dog. They call them in humane and I guess through my information legislators the yes on 2 believe stonewalled attempts to out law the practices. Therefore people the lobbied for the legislative piece got together and hit the streets and collected signatures to get the referendum up on the ballot next month. They also say that the hunting community believe these practices are unskilled and indolent. Their is also the feeling that it is not needed to keep bear population intact. They say the industry is only 12million$$ and about 500 bears are caught using these methods. On the website the question appears as Do you want to make it a crime to hunt bears with bait, traps ,or dogs, except to protect property, public safety or research? With this in mind it doesn't sound like that big of a deal. They also claim it hasn't been a major contributor until the 1970's. So they also look at it as we went this long without why not get rid of it. They also say Maine is the only state which allows all three of these practices and believes you should vote yes on 2 because of the inhumanities and lack of respect.

With the vote about a month a way this is a question that is picking up heat across the country. Considering 80% of all hunters that hunt for bear in Maine come outside the state. The feeling from me this is going to get Ugly and will definitely be one of the questions I am going to ask on Nov. 2. When I am at the polls and until then we won't know how it turns out!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great Information. It seems you really took the time to do research. I live in maine in the north and I am going to vote no. But like the other person I didn't know what the question was until now. I have only heard and seen about it through TV advertisements. Now I am considerating maybe to vote yes. I have friends who are guides and they would lose thier way of making a living. And it makes me worried that others will lose thier ways too.


October 1, 2004 at 9:22 AM

Blogger Carencro said...

Since the bear hunting is considered a personal service, they hould allow it and then require a quenty percent tip for the guides, as it is a just tip for the personal service provided, and as far as respect fo r the bears, just curtsey before you wipe um out and give two belts of wampum to the tribal legation in the local reservation, then cut out and head for home after farting profulse,,,y in the direction of the Legislative Buidling,,,, there,,,,

October 1, 2004 at 1:52 PM


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