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Friday, October 01, 2004



After last night's debate the overall message was definitely the views of two different visions. Though they frequently agreed on different slices of the pie, but in when you got the pie out of the oven it was a vast differences in foreign policy diplomacy and world alliances that separated the two from each others tastes and preferences.

The feeling from the undecided or uncommitted voters I had the opportunity to see after the debate and talk to this morning was a big victory for Kerry and made some even get more leaning towards him for a vote. The reason that some of them felt that way was that the actually got to hear Kerry in this formal way rather than hearing sound bites on the News. Some also felt that George Bush seemed off and was in a defensive position most of the night. I felt the reason for the pace that was set last night was the fact that Kerry got the first question and was the first to close. That made George Bush have to play catch up and be the respondent instead of the pacesetter. So it seems when fate is on the table Kerry got the nod. I believe it is going to take Kerry even more work to sustain the momentum to NOV. 2 and the president still has the opportunity to make Kerry put the nail in his own coffin. I also found that some of the undecided feel that they are even more frightened by Kerry's position and took the things he said as a form of selling America out. The remarkable thing about this is from my research and talking to undecided is that a small amount of them have started to make their final decision of these debates and just maybe as it looks those small amount of swing voters will make the differences across the USA.


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