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Tuesday, October 26, 2004


Stuff and more stuff

Well, Hello all you hardcore political juggernaut! I have a lot to say! A week away until REGIME CHANGE 2004. Last week Michael Moore was schedule to come to my home town but he couldn't make it family emergencies. We still had a couple of thousand people their and the speakers were unbelievable. Their was the gentleman from and a family whom lost a brother and son in IRAQ. The mother's speech brought me to tears. The disrespect the right showed at this event was very immature while this woman stated that she was not here to persuade anyone to vote actually she didn't even talk about John Kerry. The right was protesting in the back while she was talking about her son and what he thought and did for this country all she wanted was silence for a moment and those assholes wouldn't shut their mouth. Their bus keep going by and beeping it showed us all how desperate they are like that show desperate housewives, big corporate orgy. Any how the event went well and got a lot of people fired up.

In other news I am going to be in a movie! It is about pharmaceutical companies and the role they play with the writing of prescriptions as of today I am going to be interviewed for it. The film is a documentary on that subject. As bob Dylan would say the truth is blowin in the wind!

A week until the truth test. The question is will America see through the lies and deception that This administration has placed on us. I believe if we do not have regime change in a few years it will be regular occurrence for bus airports and trains to be subject to the resistance to blow themselves up like in Israel and Iraq. So this is the most important election of our lifetime.



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