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Tuesday, October 05, 2004


Tricky Dick and Baby face John

I know the title sounds like some sort of Mafia bosses trying to get a hit out on an rival gang. Well, tonight is in a way like that we have the enemies aboard whom we have to make sure our people know that everything is alright and that we will attack when necessary. I think that is going to be theme at most debates is the ability to make America safer at home and across the globe. One view is we attack all those whom oppose any threat and that will make us safer and the other is well I don't really know what the other is. So I think it is going to be interesting to say the least. Who has the most to lose if it wasn't so close I would say Kerry/Edwards but I think tonight if Dick Cheney is mad to be a richman getting high off the weak then it is going to be devasting to Bush. Remember who dick is going up against A well educated trial lawyer whom beat out Jesse Helms in the south. He has the capability to really get into Dick Cheney's head and get him ralled up. If Dick can overwhelm Edwards with his tactics like presence, humor, and witty comments then Edwards is going to look like he isn't prepared. What should we except to happen in the coming days I don't know we'll have to wait and see it unfold.


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