The man that stirred the pot and threw hot sauce in the sunday dinner has now set out to launch a career in blogging. He has had his readers to question the truth of subjects from a-z at state & federal policy, and media news from bi-partsian to nonpartsian ideas and beliefs. So read on and question what you see, hear, touch, and tatse!

Wednesday, October 20, 2004


The truth bombs are here!

GOOD MORNING IRAQ! I would like to say I am grateful to all those whom have showed me support over the last couple of weeks have alot going on! I would first like to say John Kerry won three debates and Edwards won 1 so it's 4-0 sreies over! There is alot going on flu shortage, lies and decite and I am going back to school crazieness! I also have decide to make a run for office in 2 to 3yrs! Something small! so I am going to open up a blog for that. This is going to be quick check in and want to tell everyone on nov.2 I am doing my own exit polls and going to have an AUDIOBLOG on the website so look for that! I will be writing some artivles soon as well so be prepared for some TRUTH and watchout thier will be an explosion of it soon so if you filled with self delusion don't read it! Later the one and only!



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