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Thursday, October 28, 2004


Vote early and vote counted and credit where credit is dew

I would first like to say that if you haven't registered to vote do it now. In my state you can register on election day, and that's how I registered but in a presidential race of this magnitude you will have to wait until 2008 until you cast your ballot you'll wait so long. Also vote absentee and do it asap because of the potential of the lines and voter turnout.

I did want to talk about the man known as dubya and I wanted to give him some credit where credit is do. After really looking at the war in IRAQ I have came to realization that he does derserve some credit. As we all know now their was no wmd in iraq but their was some in IRAN. The truth is dubya was only one letter off when he decided to go into iraq I mean people make mistakes with spelling all the time right. So he got it pretty close. I mean the fact s he least went after a bordering country and was only one letter off. So I would like to send my most sincere regrets from all of us whom over reacted when he went into iran. I mean Iraq. See how he made the mistake now don't you.



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